Neighborhood Crime

As recently reported by the Austin American-Statesman, the Barton Hills area has seen a decrease in crime activity in their neighborhood due, in part, to their increased vigilance and neighborhood watch program. We, in SLNA, have seen an increase in crime in recent years, and were greatly alarmed by the home invasion¬† that occurred on Waterloo Trail over the Halloween weekend. Officer Robert Barboza, our APD District Representative, attended our last neighborhood meeting on November 17, and relayed information about this incident to us. Above all, Officer Barboza encourages us to be vigilant and to call 911 whenever we observe suspicious activity requiring an immediate response, or to call 311 with other concerns. We have been talking with the Zilker neighborhood about their neighborhood watch activities and are considering what we can do within SLNA to be a noticeable force against crime. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.

Park on Del Curto — update!

The final site plan for our new neighborhood park located at the old Unity Church site on Del Curto will be presented to the City of Austin Site Plan Review Staff the week of November 14th. The review staff will likely take about 28 days to assemble their comments, then a back and forth with the Parks Department until the issues are resolved. To review the site plans, click here (photo #1), here (photo #2), and here (photo #3),


Perhaps you noticed the clean streets in SLNA thanks to Jan and Dottie Cartwright and their cleanup crew! We typically meet at the old Unity Church parking lot, and head out from there, armed with garbage bags to rid the streets of trash. Join us for our cleanup events in 2012. Thanks to Jan and Dottie for heading up the SLNA Keep Austin Beautiful efforts!