About SLNA

The overriding goal of the South Lamar Neighborhood Association (SLNA) is to represent and advance the interest of residents in the neighborhood by keeping them informed of vital issues – and to have some fun and fellowship along the way! SLNA belongs to the residents – homeowners and renters alike, SLNA members or not. SLNA gives you an opportunity to meet your neighbors – whether it’s to welcome the new ones or meet those who’ve been here for decades. Share your thoughts, your energy and your ideas to help us protect the essence of this “urban oasis” for years to come!

Like many other neighborhood associations, SLNA began in response to new development that threatened the wonderful character of our neighborhood and impact the quality of our lives in South Central Austin.  Founded in January 2001, SLNA was a natural extension of the former Kinney Road Neighborhood Association. It is now the official representative to the City of Austin for the area bounded by Oltorf on the north, the Missouri-Pacific Railroad on the east, Ben White Boulevard on the south, and South Lamar and Manchaca Roads on the west.

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Prior to 2001, this area of the city was not represented by a neighborhood association, and therefore did not have a collective voice in City plans and decisions affecting us such as Smart Growth, CAMPO, and Neighborhood Planning.

While supporting the concept of Smart Growth and recognizing that changes are inevitable for Austin as it moves into the future, SLNA seeks to become a full partner in planning for our area. Since 2001 we have been working with the City Council and other Austin neighborhood associations to build sound plans to ensure that our growth is indeed “smart” rather than harmful to the old central Austin neighborhoods. We strive to stay informed about issues and proposed solutions, to hear them with an open mind, and to advocate for answers that preserve the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that has become synonymous with “South Austin”.

We continue to dream of developing a neighborhood park where we can take our kids to play without having to get in the car. We want to preserve the quality of our water resources and stop the excessive runoff caused by over-building. Another priority is protecting the beautiful old trees found throughout our neighborhood, not only from development but also from disease such as the pocket of Oak Wilt around Clawson and Morgan. We are also interested in promoting community through involvement with our neighbors, near and far. This can mean gathering for a cool drink at one of the neighborhood restaurants, participating in Keep Austin Beautiful and National Night Out, or even volunteering for a group project outside the ‘hood. Ideas are always welcomed – just come to a meeting or contact an Officer.

We try to support locally owned neighborhood businesses and encourage the thoughtful development of new businesses that will reduce our dependence on cars to get the services we need. We hope to encourage the City to continue their efforts to improve mass transportation options, build sidewalk and bicycle lanes, and manage the inevitable cut-through traffic on our neighborhood streets. Our partnership with the Austin Police Department, primarily through their Southwest Area Command’s District Representative, has already had a dramatic impact on crime in our neighborhood and can continue to do even more if we each play an active role in communicating our concerns to our District Rep.

Most of all, SLNA and its officers hope to be a resource for every individual who lives within our neighborhood association boundaries, whether you rent or own, whether you’re a “card-carrying member” or not. Come to a meeting or contact an Officer – just let us know what interests you.

In the meantime, check out the rest of South Lamar Neighborhood Association online. Thanks for visiting!